Maybe writing’s a core part of your job and you want to brush up your skills.

Maybe you want to write a personal blog or a diary. Or you’ve had a brilliant idea for a screenplay or a novel, but aren’t sure your writing skills are quite as good as you know the story can be.

Maybe you want to feel more confident in your grammar and ability to put your thoughts down on paper clearly.

Maybe you’re good at the nuts and bolts of it, but feel your writing lacks a bit of passion or poetry and you haven’t found your voice yet.

Maybe you lead a team at work and you’re aware that they could do with a bit of training.

Maybe you employ external copywriters and want to improve in-house skills.

My workshops are active, fun and informal, with lots of discussion and opportunities to practise. There are hand-outs to take away and I provide mentoring by email afterwards.

Workshops for organisations

Improve skills, well-being and confidence, save money by keeping writing in-house and have some fun. Workshops for businesses and cultural organisations include:

  1. Writing clearly and effectively
  2. Writing expressively and persuasively to an organisational voice
  3. Bespoke training courses

Workshops for individuals

Join a fun, informal morning or afternoon session, meet like-minded people and come away feeling just that little bit more confident and inspired. Workshops for individuals include:

  1. The nuts and bolts of writing well
  2. Improve your creativity and find your own voice
  3. Writing for pre-schooler mums or dads who are keen to start a working-from-home business or a blog