Hello and welcome to the Inclusive Writing course, run by Kate at The Writing Coach.

First, we’ll go through a few quick explanations to make sure that you’re ready to start.

The course is made up of lessons and each lesson is divided into topics. Move through the topics to work through the lesson.

You’ll need to read and complete each topic in a lesson to move on to the next lesson. When you’re on a topic, use the green ‘complete’ button to mark that you’ve read materials, completed tasks or finished quizzes. You can navigate between lessons by using the blue ‘next lesson’ and ‘previous lesson’ button.

Each lesson (except this introductory one) has a short exercise and a quiz. The date the exercise is due is noted at the start of the lesson. I’ll get back to you with comments within a few days.

Any questions? Email me at or put them in the comments. I’ll answer as soon as I can.

Use the comments boxes at the end of each lesson and topic to join in the conversation.

This is about learning to write in a more audience-aware way, but it’s also about the pleasure of creating something. I hope you enjoy it!

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