How we survived

Sometimes the problems with our planet can seem overwhelming and the news can feel relentlessly negative. But our actions can change the world. The first step is to imagine how you want the future to be.

Carissa Tanton and I are writing a picture book. It’s a message from the tigers, gorillas and elephants of the future, explaining the actions taken now in the 2020s that allowed them to come back from the brink and survive and thrive in the 2030s and 2040s.

But it’s a bit different from other picture books, because we’ll include contributions from children. We’re running a series of storybook workshops with The National Literacy Trust this summer and autumn. There are also downloadable instructions here and on The National Literacy Trust’s website, so that children can join in from home.

Do your children want to join in? Just send their drawing of an endangered animal or their letter from the future to us as And any libraries or children’s clubs that are interested in a children’s storybook workshop can email us on

It’s time for a change – let’s be the change.

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